Huronia Lookout

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The Friends of the Minesing Wetlands initially proposed a partnership with the County of Simcoe to create a passive recreation and tourism destination site at the closed Landfill Site on County Road 28, known as George Johnston Road. The view from this site provides the opportunity to see the entire Minesing Wetlands.

The view extends as far as 40 km. to the Blue Mountains, Georgian Bay, Horseshoe Moraine & Wasaga Beach. There is also a significant historical perspective from this lookout to include the 9 Mile Portage, Trans Canada Trail to Fort Willow which provides the opportunity to display information of the First Nation history and usage of this area.

The Lookout will provide a great venue for school children from Simcoe County, a study in history, geography and biology. Phase II includes a proposal for a visual Icon, a Look Out Tower, storyboards and walkways. Sod turning occurred July 5, 2007.

Talks were initiated by the Environmental Committee with eventual participation by all three Rotary  Clubs of Barrie. A member of this Rotary Club sits on the Huronia Lookout steering committee.