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At the end of the 9 Mile Portage (Grenfel Road) there exists a marsh area beneath a hydro right of way that cannot be transversed by walkers and hikers. They must take a lengthy round-about way through private property to reach Fort Willow, the final destination. With approval from Springwater Township, Ontario Hydro and the NVCA, our Environmental Committee initiated a project to build a board walk going directly west across the Hydro right of way. 

The first phase was the clearing of marsh materials in order to lay the boardwalk. The boardwalk, 500 feet long, was constructed indoors in 10’ sections over the fall and installed over the winter of 2007 while the ground was frozen. The sections are bolted together and embedded into the swamp. A final touch up was completed in the spring. This has been a hands-on project by many Rotarians.