Bear Creek Restoration

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Tiffin Conservation Area (NVCA)

This site is located within the Tiffin Conservation Centre. With the loss of the dam that held water for Momma Bear Pond it was decided to let the water run naturally into the next pond, Baby Bear. The running water or stream corridor gives the staff at NVCA many opportunities to view and learn how a healthy stream operates.

It will also add considerable value to their educational program as students will be able to now experience a provincially significant wetland (Poppa Bear Pond), the new stream corridor (former Momma Bear Pond) and Baby Bear Pond. The project had 5 phases.

Phase I (June ’07) had several Environmental Committee members spend an afternoon planting seedlings in this Momma Bear Pond area. Phase II was completed in September ’07 which included the installation of a soft berm using tree revetments and a riffle creation in the incised channel. Phase III was the construction and installment of an osprey platform in the Momma Bear Pond area. Phase IV was the construction of a gazebo lookout over the Pond with appropriate interpretive signage. Phase V is the planting of the wetland with native aquatic plants with a completion date of Spring ’09.